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Case study: AM Seafoods gain reliable duty stand-by facility

February 11, 2020
Case study: AM Seafoods gain reliable duty stand-by facility

Company: AM Seafoods   

Project date: 23rd January 2020

Based in the North-West town of Fleetwood, this firm has over 40 years’ expertise in the food processing sector, and export its sustainable shellfish globally.

The shellfish is brought ashore daily and dispatched to its production facility, then processed to exacting customer requirements.

What was the problem?

AM Seafoods had an Atlas Copco GA7-FF and Mattei Blade 7 compressor. The Mattei was initially repaired by a Mattei distributor in 2019. Unfortunately, this failed within 12 months, and no expected support was offered.

This resulted is the customer having no stand-by facility and ourselves being unable to carry out PM maintenance.



What we did to help:

We contacted the customer to consider his options, which included repairing or replacing the Mattei. Due to the cost of repair, it became apparent that we could supply a brand new GX7-10-FF-200 compressor more economically.

After discussing this, the order was placed and the new compressor was installed. We are currently discussing an all-inclusive 7-year extended warranty contract for future protection.




After installing the new compressor, AM Seafoods can now be assured of a reliable, cost effective and efficient system.

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