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A bespoke Compressed Air System designed and housed by Precision Pneumatics

May 2, 2019
A bespoke Compressed Air System designed and housed by Precision Pneumatics

Precision Pneumatics recently provided a complete turnkey solution to a major manufacturer by delivering a complete compressed air system already in its compressor house.

The challenge

Our client required an energy-efficient compressed air system to provide a reliable supply of clean, dry air and to be sited away from production areas, in a bespoke facility where there were no suitable outbuildings available.

The solution

The first part of the process was to carry out a Leak Detection Survey and a period of iiTrak Energy Monitoring. These two elements allowed our engineers to determine whether the existing compressor on site was oversized and how much air was being wasted through leaks. This enabled our team to identify leak rectification works to reduce air consumption and simulate how a new Atlas Copco compressor would meet the site’s compressed air needs. The detailed simulations run by Precision Pneumatics identified that an Atlas Copco GA55VSD+ would enable the customer to increase efficiency whilst reducing energy consumption compared to the equipment in situ.  Our knowledgeable Technical Sales Team also identified the correct solutions for drying and filtering the compressed air and for separating oil and water from the condensate produced.

To install the equipment on site and away from production, Precision Pneumatics obtained a shipping container which will serve as a weatherproof Compressor House for the new system. Our expert engineers installed the equipment into the container, into which they also installed ventilation for ducting and pipework to enable the new system to be connected into the customer’s existing ring main. This was completed in galvanised steel.

Outside the container, a 2000 litre air receiver will store clean, dry compressed air until it is required by the production process.

The result

Our engineers constructed a Compressor House that provides a secure, weatherproof home for the new equipment whilst simultaneously making life easy for the customer in terms of monitoring their new compressor and the related accessories. The tidy layout and high quality of workmanship from our team will ensure that future maintenance of the system is carried out efficiently. All of the equipment, except the air receiver, was delivered inside its container direct to site by specialist contractors, with one of our expert compressor engineers arriving simultaneously to oversee the off-load and to install and commission both the Compressor House and the receiver. The customer is now benefitting from having a correctly-sized air compressor which, thanks to Atlas Copco Variable Speed Drive technology, only produces the compressed air they require. This will enable them to make significant savings both in terms of energy and production efficiency.

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