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Atlas Copco GA VSDs Range

May 6, 2022
Atlas Copco GA VSDs Range

Atlas Copco have recently introduced their latest Air Compressor, the VSDs. They are continually looking for ways to improve their technologies for your production and revolutionary compressor is their most advanced and sustainable design to date.

The VSDs hosts many features not found in their other compressor ranges:

FASR Motor:

The Ferrite-Assisted Synchronous Reluctance motor is a VSDs exclusive: the first of its kind to achieve IE5 efficiency and built without the use of rare earth materials.

Neos Next:

The Neos Next inverter is what makes the VSDs the most efficient compressor on the market, delivering energy savings up to 60%. The inverter plays a key role in regulating the Smart Thermostatic Control valve and the VSD fan to ensure an optimal oil injection temperature to eliminate the risk of condensation within the element. The NEOS Next also controls the intelligent drains within the VSDs, keeping track of amount of drain cycles to allow for maintenance when required.

Energy recovery:

Developed by Atlas Copco, the VSDs energy recovery system recovers and re-uses up to 80% of the heat the compressor creates to give you additional energy savings.



  • Lowers your emissions considerably with double-digit reduction in energy use.
  • Careful use of resources.
  • Minimal number of components.


  • Reduced energy consumption by up to 60% (compared to fixed-speed models).
  • Additional energy savings using the VSD energy recovery system with up to 80% heat recovery.
  • Advanced connectivity features to maximize the efficiency.

Strong Performance:

  • 21% Free Air Delivery (FAD) increased compared to fixed-speed units.
  • FASR moto equals IE5 standards.
  • Inverter and motor exceed IES2 (EN 50598) requirements for power drive efficiency.

Smart Features:

  • Smart Temperature Control System ensures optimal oil temperature and injection.
  • Boost Flow Mode allows you to temporarily exceed maximum compressor capacity.
  • Intelligent drains limit energy use and service intervals.

Superior Connectivity:

  • Advanced Elektronikon® Touch controller.
  • SMARTLINK real-time, remote monitoring and optimisation.
  • EQ2i multiple compressor control.
  • OPC UA available for production system integration.

Small & Silent:

  • Sound levels as low as 63 dB allow for placement on your production floor.
  • Extremely small footprint ensures easy, flexible installation.

The VSDs is the third generation of Atlas Copco’s VSD technology and it continued to tradition of being ground-breaking. With the VSDs there is the potential energy savings of up to 60%. The VSDs is the most energy-efficient compressor on the market today.

We can organise a visit to site to calculate the savings you would see with the VSDs over your current system. If you’re interested in discussing more about the VSDs compressors please contact us at 0151 546 6689 or email sales@precisionpneumatics.co.uk

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