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Atlas Copco has launched its new range of advanced onsite nitrogen generators

October 18, 2022
Atlas Copco has launched its new range of advanced onsite nitrogen generators

Atlas Copco has launched its new range of advanced onsite nitrogen generators.  In accordance with the ever-increasing demand for on-site gas generation systems, the new range provides a highly efficient, compact, simple, and low-cost on-site solution for N2 requirements.


Membrane technology has traditionally offered high-quality, reliable on-site nitrogen generation. Atlas Copco’s new NGM⁺ 7-70 now raises the bar with an important additional benefit: low energy costs. The high-efficiency generator comes with the lowest cost of ownership available on the market today.


Our NGP⁺ premium nitrogen generators offer the completest scope of nitrogen supply at the highest energy efficiency. Carbon molecular sieves guarantee premium nitrogen at the highest purity levels. Why buy N₂ gas when you can generate your own?


Why you should consider one of Atlas Copco’s new nitrogen generation systems:

Save on operational costs: Minimise your operating costs by eliminating the need for a feed air heater to reach maximum capacity, this is often used to enhance performance, however, this also significantly increases energy bills. Available in 10 model sizes, their volume and nitrogen purity outputs are related to the number of high-performance, highly durable, pre-aged membrane modules installed.

Easy to install and use: Every nitrogen generator comes as a complete, plug-and-play package complete with a gas purity sensor, feed air monitoring, and gas purity regulation valve included as standard. The innovative Elektronikon® Touch controller allows for easy gat output with equipment alerts and recommendations which are sent directly to your computer or smartphone.


Reliable and stable nitrogen supply: Membrane technology is inherently simple to operate, offering a continuous supply of nitrogen with a stable purity. The NGM+ maximises this reliable performance, producing dry, high-quality N2 at the lowest air consumption. Remove transport and downtime costs.  Need more gas? Just run it for longer.

Compact and quiet: Designed for low-noise operation, the NGM+ can be sited at the point of use on the production floor, and with its premium filtration fully integrated, the generator offers a compact, uncluttered footprint.


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