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Atlas Copco’s nitrogen solutions fire up BMI’s ovens

November 6, 2015
Atlas Copco’s nitrogen solutions fire up BMI’s ovens

The story of BMI takes you to Lyon in France, an upbeat city that is renowned for its gastronomy, weaving of silk and its “Festival of Lights”. BMI Fours Industrial is a manufacturer of industrial ovens and furnace.

Although BMI is situated in the throbbing heart of culinary France, their products aren’t the traditional wood-fired oven the French “boulangeries” bake their famous croissants in. BMI’s high-tech furnaces are ordered by industrial customers in gas and oil, aeronautics and even the medical industry. Ghislain Perez, Managing Director at BMI explains: “BMI designs and manufactures industrial furnaces for heat treatment. They are used for a variety of processes, gas and oil quenching , sintering and brazing”. 

Solution on a silver platter

Atlas Copco is BMI’s trusted partner for compressors and nitrogen, which come in complete packages or “skids”. Atlas Copco makes these skids tailored to the requirements of BMI. BMI in its turn delivers custom-made furnaces to its customers worldwide. Typically, these skids contain one or more compressors, complete with air treatment and an NGP nitrogen generator.


All the know-how under one roof

Nitrogen provides an inert atmosphere in BMI’s ovens, which is vital to ensure proper and safe firing of metal parts. An on-site nitrogen generator offers various advantages over nitrogen in bottles. And with a complete skid of Atlas Copco, BMI and its customers get a package where compressors and nitrogen generators are perfectly tuned to each other. Smooth and global service is another advantage, or as Ghislain Perez explains: “Since Atlas Copco is a global player, we can rest assured we can count on worldwide service… and so can our customers.”Just like those renowned French chefs, Atlas Copco combines the best ingredients with years of know-how to deliver nitrogen solutions.

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