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Case study: Precision Pneumatics helps clear customers constant source of headache with brand new Atlas Copco machine

December 10, 2020
Case study: Precision Pneumatics helps clear customers constant source of headache with brand new Atlas Copco machine

A Liverpool-based customer of ours, which specialises in the manufacture of packaging solutions, relies upon compressed air to keep its plant running, and most importantly – fulfil their customer orders.

The Problem:

The small family-run business operates almost 24/7, and the compressor they were relying upon simply wasn’t up to the standard of the industrial robustness that they require.

Further complicating matters was the installation itself – very cramped, located too close to production operations causing duty/debris contamination of the compressor, and poor ventilation, causing frequent overheating.

As a result, the relatively new unit suffered many breakdowns and was a constant source of headache for the firm.

How we helped

Upon contacting Precision Pneumatics, our Technical Solutions Engineer, Jeff Connally, performed a Compressed Air Health-Check assessment of the compressed air system.  While the first priority was to get their compressor up and running, it soon became apparent that a better solution was required.

Precision Pneumatics recommended an Atlas Copco GA11FF, from the Atlas Copco Industrial product line.


This is an air-receiver mounted unit, complete with an on-board refrigerated dryer, in-line filtration, EWD50 electronic water drain and an OSC35 oil/water separator.

This complete turn-key solution was then placed in a more suitable environment – away from production and raw materials, and in a better ventilated area.

Benefits of new system


This was key for our customer.  With a 24/7 production cycle, the GA11FF compressor is the perfect compressor to perform long duty cycles. There are other benefits of this machine too, including the energy savings the Atlas Copco is famous for, but also how much quieter the new system runs, which was even commented upon by the customers’ production staff.


Our customer is delighted with their new reliable and sturdy compressor, which they have a 7-year service plan and extended warranty for. This provides extra reassurance that if anything happens, Precision Pneumatics will be there for them 24/7, 365.

If your business could benefit from a site visit by Precision Pneumatics, phone us!  We’ll schedule one of our Compressed Air Experts to visit your site, learn your requirements, and provide a no-obligation Compressed Air Health Check.

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