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Leak Detection

A compressed air system requires a significant financial commitment both in terms of equipment and then in terms of the costs of running that system.

So the last thing any of our customers would want is up to 20% of the running costs being wasted by air leaking out of the pipes!

Precision Pneumatics offers ultrasonic Leak Detection surveys to businesses throughout Liverpool, Merseyside, Cheshire, Lancashire and North Wales to help identify and eliminate potential air leaks.

We can do this without causing any disruption to production.

How a Leak Detection Survey works

Our engineer will use ultrasonic scanning equipment to check the pipework for leaks. Any that are identified are tagged and photographed. We will calculate the rate at which air is being lost and how much money that loss is potentially costing.

We then prepare a full report, detailing all of the leaks that exist, how much money they could be wasting and how much rectifying that leak would cost. This enables our customers to work out exactly how quickly dealing with air leaks will pay for itself.

Our aim is to help our customers to reduce their costs by making informed decisions about managing their air system.    Download our Flyer or contact us today for more information about how we can work with you to make your compressed air system more efficient and less expensive.

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