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New Compressors released by Atlas Copco

August 30, 2016
New Compressors released by Atlas Copco

Precision Pneumatics is proud to announce additions and upgrades to the Atlas Copco range of air compressors. These new products will help us to meet the needs of our customers across Merseyside, Lancashire, Cheshire and North Wales better than ever before.


The most exciting announcement is the launch of new models in the GA VSD+ range of air compressors. Their compact, upright design and revolutionary Variable Speed Drive (VSD) technology transformed the industry when the range was launched in 2013 with machines ranging from 7kW to 37kW.  The new range of GA VSD+ compressors will be available up to 75kW, significantly increasing the number of businesses who will be in a position to benefit from the energy savings offered by VSD in comparison to Fixed Speed drive compressors.


A VSD compressor automatically adjusts its motor and element speed to the air demand, considerably cutting energy use and costs.


However, Atlas Copco’s GA VSD+ compressors set a new benchmark with a highly efficient iPM (Permanent Magnet) motor, a patented compression element and a sentinel valve.  These technologies allow the GA VSD+ range to deliver even greater energy savings than the first generation of VSD compressors: average energy savings of 50% compared with fixed-speed alternatives. Free Air Delivery (FAD) and Specific Energy Requirement (SER) are both improved by up to 9%. This means customers get up to 9% more air from these new compressors while using up to 9% less energy with the GA VSD+ compared to the GA VSD.

What’s more, the compact design of the GA VSD+ compressors fit better in confined spaces. The GA 7-75 VSD+ models are smaller and taller than the traditional GA (VSD) range, with a 60% reduced footprint.  Thanks in part to an innovative cooling fan, the GA VSD+ compressors produce only 67dB, one of the lowest noise levels in the industry. This means they can be installed on the work floor rather than having to be housed in a separate room.


Phil Hood, Managing Director of Precision Pneumatics, said “The new, expanded GA VSD range from Atlas Copco is a real game changer. Our customers will be able to get more air from these new compressors, but use significantly less energy in doing so. Their quiet operation will also be a major plus for many users.”


However, the fact remains that there are some businesses for whom the traditional Fixed Speed Drive remains the best option.  These customers can also benefit from an enhanced product range after Atlas Copco launched a new range of Fixed Speed drive machines to operate at between 30kW and 45kW.


All-in-one package

The GA 30+, GA 37 and GA 45 offer an ‘all-in-one package’ with an integrated refrigerant dryer built into the canopy. The compressors also come with the Elektronikon controller and SmartLink for remote management to help optimise the compressed air network. The Elektronikon controller offers a wide variety of control and monitoring features that allow users to maximise the compressors’ efficiency and reliability. Additionally, Elektronikon controls the main drive motor and regulates system pressure within a predefined and narrow pressure band.


Because of their strong performance, the GA 30+, GA 37 and GA 45 can be used in virtually any industrial environment and in high ambient temperatures: up to 55˚C/131˚F for the high ambient version. The upgraded GA range minimises maintenance requirements as the design eliminates the need for both an oil stop valve and check valve. In addition, the GA 30+, GA 37 and GA 45 compressors feature a spin-on oil filter that removes 300% smaller particles than a conventional filter.


Phil Hood welcomed the release of these new models, stating “The enhanced GA range is outstanding for customers who need Fixed Speed compressors which can perform in the harshest conditions and combine reliability with quiet operation. We are proud of our partnership with Atlas Copco and are certain that these new machines will prove to be extremely popular.”


To find out more about the new compressors in our range, please click here for VSD Compressors and click here for Fixed Speed Compressors. Alternatively, for an informal discussion about your business’ needs, please call us on 0151 546 6689 or email us.

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