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New product ranges launched

December 15, 2016
New product ranges launched

Precision Pneumatics is pleased to announce the launch of two new product ranges from Atlas Copco which are tailored specifically for the needs of small and medium businesses.


Atlas Copco air compressors and dryers have long led the market in terms of energy-efficiency, reliability and air delivery. Now, the world’s leading manufacturer of compressed air equipment has moved to ensure that any business – no matter how small – can enjoy the advantages offered by choosing Atlas Copco equipment.


G-Series Compressors

The new G-series of Rotary Screw Compressors from Atlas Copco is perfect for small and medium-sized businesses who want and need a quiet, reliable and energy-efficient source of compressed air for their operations.


Available in 7kW, 11kW and 15kW variations, this compressor range offers a 100% continuous duty cycle and can operate at ambient temperatures of up to 46C.


G-series compressors are also relatively quiet, offering noise levels up to 13% lower than the competition. They come equipped with the powerful Atlas Copco rotary screw element as standard and are available with integrated dryers and the new BASE controller, which offers advanced monitoring and control.


Find out more about these compressors by clicking here.


F-Series Dryers

The new F-Series range of professional refrigerant dryers combine reliable, energy-efficient performance with a low maintenance requirement. This range is perfect for compressor applications where air quality is less critical, therefore requiring a lower initial investment than for more advanced dryer solutions.


The simple, vertical design saves space, provides ready access for servicing and contributes to lower maintenance costs. The compact 0.21 m2 footprint allows for easy installation into an existing air system, with the dryers suitable for a wide variety of dry air applications; such as pneumatic tools and controls, painting, packaging and injection moulding, together with vehicle maintenance including tyre inflation.


The full range comprises twelve models in total, with maximum working pressures of between 13 and 16 bar and throughputs ranging from 5 l/s right up to 130l/s.


For more information about this range of dryers, click here.


Durable, great value equipment

These new product ranges are available at a lower price than some of their more advanced equivalent products but offer the same quality and durability that sets Atlas Copco equipment apart.


This Christmas, give your business the gift of reliable, hard working and great value equipment. Contact us today to see how G-Series Compressors and F-Series Dryers could benefit your business.

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