Air Audits

Air Audits can take several different forms dependent on what level of information the customer requires. Precision Pneumatics offer three of Air Audits, ranging from a basic Health Check which forms a visual identification of problems associated within the confines of the compressed air equipment, covering location ventilation, operation, control, general condition, run and loaded hours assessment.


The second level would be to install our I Trak measuring equipment that collates data over a seven-day period assessing power consumption and flow, identifying opportunities of saving energy, which often can achieve up to 50% reduction in energy consumption.


The final Audit is our full Air Scan, which is a fully diagnostic evaluation of all aspects of your system detailing real power, flow, pressure, temperature, and dew point, measurement. Air Audits can be tailored to suit individual budgets from a complete solution to cover specific critical areas.


AIRScan – tangible information for real solutions


A complete AIRScan audit includes a full survey of important compressed air net parameters, and the solutions that emerge from it. Using the logged information, a detailed report is compiled, including cost analysis, graphs and a list of recommendations for improving your system’s performance.


AIRScan is not only an accurate compressed air system diagonstics package, it’s very flexible as well. It allows customers to select the depth of audit and to tightly control the budget they are willing to allocate to the audit. From a complete audit solution – with an initial baseline audit, a complete evaluation report with solutions, and a final validation-, to individual and specific audit services tailored to the needs of each customer and his installation.


Features and benefits of AIRscan


An audit consists of:

Flow check
This test accurately measures and logs the delivered flow of compressed air on any compressor make or type. The flow meter can be inserted into an existing point or the system can be “hot tapped”, without interrupting the production.


Power check
Where other audits use clamps or rely on originally installed power meters to estimate power usage, Atlas Copco’s method measures the actual consumed power, non-intrusively. This check is available for all types of compressors over a pre-determined period, usually 7 days. The results give an accurate overview of the money that is spent annually on the production of compressed air.

Leak check
Compressed air leakages are synonymous for throwing money away. Between 10 and 25% leakage is typical in most systems. Atlas Copco’s leak check identifies, tags and quantifies these leaks throughout the compressed air system. To immediately start saving money, repairs can be performed during the audit.

Air quality check
This audit measures the quality of the air and compares it with the specific needs at any point in your system.

Maintenance review
This audit assesses the effectiveness of the service programme for equipment, including compressors, filters, dryers and ancillaries.