Air End Overhauls

The Compression Element is the heart of the compressor and therefore it is essential that it is correctly maintained and overhauled at the optimal time. The two most important factors in determining when to carry-out an overhaul are the condition of the element and the compressor running hours.


Here at Precision Pneumatics we train our engineers to understand these factors and ensure that overhauls can be proactively scheduled, therefore reducing down time and unnecessary costs.


In many instances the overhaul may be programmed into our customers maintenance contract, therefore negating unexpected costs.


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Air End Overhauls can help keep your compressor in peak condition


Since the release of our first piston compressor in 1904, Atlas Copco Compressors has become a market leader in the compressed air industry due to their sustainable business model and commitment to investment in innovation. This commitment to innovation has seen Atlas Copco become the first compressor manufacturer to introduce Variable Speed Drive compressors as well as a full range of innovative, service orientated products designed to reduce the customers lifecycle costs.


With all this experience, who better to offer advice on an Atlas Copco air compressor than an Authorised Atlas Copco Distributor who is trained to identify the optimal time and the most efficient method for overhauling the customers air compressor.


Why schedule a replacement?


  1. Planned Activity
    Like every component within the compressor the compression element has a recommended lifecycle. However, every installation is different so it takes a combination of knowledge, training and experience to understand the optimal lifetime of this component.


Atlas Copco Authorised Distributors are trained to understand when a compressor element requires overhauling. Planning an Air End Overhauls in advance reduces the risk of replacement air end failure and a possible loss in your production.



  • Peace of Mind
    If the compression element is the heart of the compressor then failure can be catastrophic, leading to large repair costs and lost production costs.



By proactively planning for the replacement you are able to budget in advance and continue to work, safe in the knowledge that the heart of your compressor has a full bill of health.



  • Economic Benefits
    Although an overhauled compression element will offer small increases in efficiency it is the cost to your business in the event of an unexpected failure that should be the driving economic benefit.



Atlas Copco offers New and Refurbished elements which can be exchanged with your compressor element, provided your element is in running condition. The refurbished element (XChange Element) has a lower cost compared to a new one but still provides the same service length as the new one. This added to the fact that planned maintenance can be scheduled to coincide with your planned shutdown means minimal impact on your production and enables you to control the financial impact of the overhaul.