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Precision Pneumatics helps customer save £25,000 in energy

July 28, 2017
Precision Pneumatics helps customer save £25,000 in energy

Precision Pneumatics has worked with a leading manufacturer to help them make annual cost savings of around £25,000 per annum by upgrading to new, energy-efficient equipment.


Polyfab & Formings Ltd, the vacuum forming company, was established in 1988. It is highly probable that at some time or other you will have seen something made at their Hindley Green Facility; perhaps part of the interior of the aircraft in which you had your last flight was manufactured on one of their 16 forming machines.


Two essential requirements of the production processes at the Hindley Green site is a constant, large volume supply of compressed air, along with a stable vacuum system for the company’s forming process and extruder.


“Compressed air and vacuum are fundamental site facilities but we wanted to challenge our generation methods and sought the assistance of Precision Pneumatics Limited, a Carbon Trust Approved Supplier with access to the Green Business Fund.”

Chris Gornall, Engineering Manager for Polyfab & Formings Ltd.


The old set up at Polyfab consisted of both an Atlas Copco GA608 and a GA508 compressor. Both machines had been manufactured in the 1970s but were still producing sufficient air to meet the sites requirements. The Vacuum process relied upon an Elmo Rietschle COVAC SMD 300 and VLR251.


As part of the equipment evaluation project, Chris Gornall, together with his Managing Director, invited Precision Pneumatics engineers to carry out an iiTrak energy monitoring audit on both systems. This data monitoring exercise measured the plant requirement, provided real-time data on which to base recommendations for the most energy-efficient solution, estimated the potential savings that could be achieved, and considered scope for future growth.


“By monitoring and evaluating the energy consumption of the old system, we estimated, from live data, that we had a great opportunity to save significant energy costs by replacing the units with new and much more efficient equipment.”

Tony Goulding, Managing Director of Polyfab & Formings Ltd.


Based on the audit, Polyfab & Formings Ltd decided to install a full-feature Atlas Copco GA26VSD+FF rotary screw compressor with integrated refrigerant dryer. The benefits of reducing the on-site pressure from the 7.5 bar generated previously to just 6.2 bar now coupked with the invertor-driven motor of VSD+ has enabled Polyfab to save approx. £20,000 a year in energy costs.


The same logic applied to the vacuum system. The Atlas Copco GHS 585VSD+ rotary screw vacuum pump allowed Polyfab to adjust on site vacuum pressure and utilise the Variable Speed Drive pump to save a further £5,000 a year in energy. The total cash saving, of around £25,000, is not the only advantage the company has achieved through their upgrade.


“The benefits of the new equipment go far beyond energy reduction. The new machinery is also incredibly quiet and we also enjoy the peace of mind we get with the extended warranty package. I have a fixed cost and total reassurance over the future of two crucial elements of our production process.”

Chris Gornall, Engineering Manager, Polyfab & Formings Ltd.


John Massey, Sales Director of Precision Pneumatics Limited commented:


“We are proud to be a Carbon Trust Approved Supplier and projects like this, where our customers can make significant energy savings, bring us great satisfaction. Building relationships with our customers and helping them to increase efficiency and reduce costs are integral to our continued success. An annual saving of £25,000 will be a significant boost to Polyfab’s bottom line as well as reducing the company’s carbon emissions.”

Photos of the original equipment, plus the installation of new equipment, can be seen below:


For more information on VSD+ compressors or VSD+ vacuum pumps and how this ground-breaking technology can benefit your business, please contact Precision Pneumatics Limited on 0151-546-6689 or send us an email.

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