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Air Quality and Food & Beverage Safety

February 28, 2018
Air Quality and Food & Beverage Safety

Precision Pneumatics is proud to work with businesses within the Food & Beverage industry, both in direct production and the packaging sector.


As has been recently highlighted in the media, sites which use compressed air within their production have a responsibility to ensure any air which comes into contact with food – whether directly or indirectly – is sufficiently free of contaminants to ensure that the end product is safe for consumption.


To support users of compressed air, the British Compressed Air Society (BCAS) has prepared guidelines illustrating best practice and which levels of air quality are desirable for food & beverage production.


As a member of BCAS, we support these guidelines and are ideally placed to support our customers to ensure they comply.  In order to get an overview of the recommended air quality standards, we have prepared a one page explainer which can be downloaded by clicking here.


If your business is in food production, or produces packaging for food & beverage products, we advise that you check that the purity of your compressed air meets the guidelines and can assist you both with making these checks and ensuring that your air is of sufficient quality now and into the future.


#PrecisionSupports our customers to meet their safety obligations by offering a range of products and services which assist with air quality. These include:

We can also assist with converting compressed air systems which use standard compressor oil so that they can be run on Food Grade oil. Our highly qualified engineers have experience of servicing compressors of all kinds and we also provide 24 hour breakdown cover.


Contact us today to discuss how Precision Pneumatics can help you maintain the safety and quality of your products. You can call us on 0151 546 6689, send us an email, or come in for a chat!


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