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Condensate Separation

Anyone who runs a compressed air system needs to be aware of how to properly dispose of the condensate in a responsible manner, so as not to infringe any environmental laws.

Condensate is formed when the water vapour within compressed air cools down and returns to a liquid state.  When released by compressed air equipment, the condensate will have tiny particles of oil in that are not visible to the naked eye, which is why it needs proper disposal. Not only is incorrect disposal detrimental to the environment, but you could also incur a fine and damage to your reputation as a responsible company.

Efficient Condensate Separation

Precision Pneumatics provides separators which remove the by-products of air compression and generate clean water which can be safely drained away. There is no risk of contamination because no oil collection bottle is required. The Atlas Copco range of seperators have easy to use maintenance and blockage indicators which tell you when filters need to be replaced, eliminating the need to run additional special tests.

In addition, no standing or stagnant water is present within the seperator, eliminating potential health risks and reducing the need for regular cleaning.

Businesses all over Liverpool, Merseyside, Cheshire, Lancashire and North Wales are protecting their businesses and the planet by using condensate separation products provided by Precision Pneumatics. To find out how we might be able to help your company, contact us today.

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