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Spare Parts

The highest priority of every compressed air user is reliability, here in house at Precision Pneumatics we have in excess of 120,000 genuine Atlas Copco spare parts, which have passed the same endurance tests as the compressors.


This ensures total peace of mind for our customers.


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Why use genuine spare parts?


  1. Protect your investment


Only Atlas Copco genuine spare parts, which have passed the same endurance tests as the compressor, are proven to offer the best protection for your investment.


Atlas Copco genuine spare parts have recommended service intervals, specific to the compressor model, that will ensure that the part is changed at the optimal time. Non-genuine spare parts are usually sold for a broad range of equipment, so do not take into consideration the specific demands of an Atlas Copco compressor. This means that any initial saving, from a lower purchase cost, can often be outweighed by shorter service intervals.



  • Peace of MindGenuine parts are designed to protect the specific components of an Atlas Copco compressor and are highly engineered to match these requirements. This ensures that the liability for future costs, such as repair and loss of production, associated with the failure of the air compressor are kept to a minimum.




  • Economic BenefitsAtlas Copco genuine spare parts are designed for the specific demands of Atlas Copco air compressor to ensure that it is working at maximum efficiency. Non-genuine spare parts do not take this in to consideration and therefore, may introduce pressure drops, increasing the energy
    requirement of the compressor.


    These pressure drops can have a substantial impact on the energy consumption and compressor output. A pressure drop of 1 bar over the oil separator will increases the energy consumption by 7% while every 25 mbar over the air filter will decreases the compressor output by 2%. Why use genuine spare parts?



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