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After Coolers and Drains

Atlas Copco offers a range of after-coolers and water separators, which combines minimal air pressure drop with high cooling efficiency and low energy consumption.


After-coolers are supplied complete with all necessary parts. They are compact, simple to install and easy to dismantle for cleaning. The negligible pressure drop effected by the after-coolers means virtually no loss of power to compressed air-driven tools, machines and pneumatic devices. Thus no extra demand is placed on the compressor and no additional energy or maintenance costs are incurred.


In addition, the Atlas Copco solution provides a number of important advantages:

  • special, highly efficient separation by cyclone
  • minimum maintenance
  • totally rustproof material
  • the assembly of the connection flanges is easy

Atlas Copco after-coolers, whether cooled by air or water, are reliable, require minimum maintenance and provide trouble-free protection against the costly effects of water in your system. Both types of after-cooler deliver air into the air-net at a temperature suitable for most types of air dryers.

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