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The benefits of SMARTLINK

October 27, 2020
The benefits of SMARTLINK

The introduction of Atlas Copco’s SMARTLINK remote monitoring package has revolutionised the compressed air industry.

Obvious benefits of monitoring service levels, running hours and flow data are widely acknowledged as “game changing”.

However, it is the subtle effects that can still harvest huge rewards for our client base. The example below is a fantastic showpiece. It combines the vast experience our technical team at Precision Pneumatics have when dealing with market leading technology. The improvement is really simple but hugely effective.

Smartlink Example

The SMARTLINK programme enables us to trend the ambient temperature in the customer’s compressor plant room. It maps the readings over a reasonable length of time to show a trend.

In this case the ambient temperature was peaking at approx. +43 deg. This temperature didn’t result in a failure nor a lack of pressure, so the cynical out there would say “what’s the point in analysing this?”.

The reasons are compelling. The advice from Precision Pneumatics was simple; a ductwork solution that’s keeps the ambient room temperature low.

The benefits include a reduction in energy, both directly due the compressors having less work to carry out the same function and indirectly. With the desiccant dryer installed, it has less work to maintain a consistent dew point for the critical equipment inside the plant.

It is likely to extend the useful life of the oil inside the compressor, reducing the likelihood of failure long into the future of this particular compressors life. The benefits just go on and on…

Please get in touch with us on 0151 546 6689 or email sales@precisionpneumatics.co.uk to find out more about the vast advantages you can gain from Precision Pneumatics and Smartlink technology.

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