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Precision Pneumatics creates a bespoke Pneumatic Control Box

February 20, 2019
Precision Pneumatics creates a bespoke Pneumatic Control Box

Precision Pneumatics has provided a bespoke pneumatic control box to a Liverpool-based manufacturer of coated films which has simplified their operation, increased efficiency and reduced their maintenance costs.

The Challenge

The customer uses a multiple roller application which was operated using a complicated electrical / pneumatic control panel. Precision Pneumatics was asked to build a new control box containing a brand new, modern pneumatic circuit.

The Solution

The existing panel was examined and the control circuit recorded, with improvements suggested.

Our trained staff designed the new control box which contains three new select switches, three new panel regulators and three panel gauges. The switches on the panel were labelled so that it was obvious which switches operated the different rollers.

Precision Pneumatics completed the new circuit, manufactured and built control box, installing and piping all components as shown below. The switches were labelled to make future management of the operation simple.  Delivery to the customer was expedited and the whole process was completed within a few days.

The Control Box as it is seen by operators

Image 1: the control box as it appears to operators

Image 2: the internal configuration of the control box 

The Outcome

The customer is extremely pleased with the project. They have a modern control system, built using ‘off the shelf’ components, making future maintenance and part replacement easier to manager. Because the control box is labelled, the potential safety risks associated with operating the rollers are reduced.

In addition, the new control system prevents unnecessary maintenance costs and downtime caused by the outdated and unreliable system it has replaced.

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