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Dryers & Filters

In most compressed air systems, the compressor is not the only equipment required to ensure that the air produced is of the quality required.

Precision Pneumatics specializes in providing complete solutions for our customers and therefore can provide a range of dryers and filters alongside our range of compressors, so that unwanted moisture and particulates can be removed before they enter production.


Most compressed air installations require a dryer because when the air is compressed, the ambient humidity in the compressor room is forced into a smaller space.

This can cause water vapour in the air to condense into liquid water – one of the types of air compressor condensate that you need to remove if you want completely clean and dry compressed air output, along with oil condensate in oil-lubricated air compressors.

Liquid moisture and water vapour should be removed, although the reasons why will vary, depending on why you are using compressed air. For example, if you use it to spray paint, for instance, water contamination could alter the chemical composition of the paint, affecting drying time, longevity and quality of finish.

It can increase the risk of rusting or corrosion inside metal equipment, and gradually wash away internal lubricating fluids like oil within machinery. In cold weather, condensate may even freeze within your pipelines, potentially causing blockages, damaged pipework or air leaks.

Precision Pneumatics offers a wide range of dryers to ensure that, whatever the compressed air is used for, it is fit for purpose.


Compressed air systems require filters because there are millions of particles too small to see in the air at any given time. These particles can contaminate compressed air and affect the end result of the process for which the air is used. For example, if the compressed air is being used to spray paint, the paint may have a ‘dappled’ finish.

Not all applications and processes that use compressed air require the same level of filtration so it is important to select the most appropriate filters for your installation.

Fortunately, Precision Pneumatics has decades of experience in the field and offers a wide selection of filtration solutions for compressed air with different filter types and grades.

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